About Us

Our Clinical Focus

At Strength Counselling Services we provide a variety of options for holistic healing in the form of therapeutic practice through both in-office and E-counselling to any location worldwide with a clinical focus given to mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical health.

With a diverse team of trained and registered clinicians we have worked with a number of client concerns including: 

  • addictions
  • abuse
  • anxiety
  • body image issues
  • maladaptive eating
  • sexual behaviours
  • depression
  • marital discord
  • family development
  • parenting and child rearing
  • family of origin issues
  • rehabilitation from trauma
  • life management issues
  • emotional turmoil
  • criminal rehabilitation
  • suicidal ideation
  • gender identity
  • LGBTQ challenges

Please contact us if you wish to work with any of the practitioners listed below.

Leadership Team

Amanda Poitras, M.Ed, RCC


Amanda graduated from the University of Lethbridge in 2013 with a Masters of Education in Counselling Psychology and in 2010 with a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Addictions Counselling. She is a registered member of the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors; designating her as a registered clinical counsellor. She works within a trauma-informed transpersonal framework and specializes in addictions recovery, notably process addictions, such as eating disorders, and sexual addiction. Dr. Gary Tzu, Dr. Marcia Rich, and Dr. Steven Thibodeau are a few of the influential leaders she is honoured to have been educated by. At Strength Counselling, Amanda is responsible for ensuring quality delivery of care to clients through a staff of registered counsellors and social workers.

Dr. Kenneth Kunz

Clinical Navigator & Research Advisor

Kenneth Kunz is excited to join Strength Counselling Services to further his already rewarding career in scientific research and academic medicine. While in medical practice, Kenneth, who is in recovery himself, noticed that most of the chronic diseases burdening today’s society were actually the end result of untreated addictions, mental health issues, and related process disorders. For example, decades of smoking, the most prevalent addiction, will eventually lead to heart disease, stroke and cancer – the most prolific killers in the Western world. Kenneth is very interested in the biology of addiction, experiences, the shape the structure and function of our brains, and how these pieces ultimately give rise to motivations and actions that may prove harmful or even fatal.  Kenneth’s greatest delight however is in serving as a companion and helper to those wishing, like him, to recover from addiction. He believes in a client-centred, strengths-based, trauma-informed, twelve-step approach to the treatment of addiction. Kenneth sees  addiction as the single most common, most under-recognized, and most treatable of all human conditions.

Brittany Bannerman, M.Ed, CCC, C.Hyp

Research Advisor & Supervisor

Brittany has a Masters of Education in Counselling Psychology (Addictions and Mental Health) from the University of Lethbridge and is a Canadian Certified Counsellor with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. She graduated from the University of Lethbridge in 2012 with a B.A in Psychology and an M.Ed. in 2016. Brittany works within a trauma-informed transpersonal, existential, and humanist framework and is passionate about incorporating mindfulness and harm-reduction techniques into her practice. She believes in facilitating long lasting, transformative changes for her clients by promoting growth and acceptance. She also offers support and integration for those who have experienced spiritual emergencies or exceptional human experiences (e.g., awakening experiences, mystical and transcendent experiences, near-death experiences, etc.). Brittany is also a certified clinical hypnotherapist, and is now offering hypnotherapy sessions allowing for the exploration and processing of deep seated patterns and trauma in order to facilitate deeper, lasting change.

Dr. Bekayla Dewar, M.A., PsyD.

Supervisor & Ethics Officer

Bekayla graduated from Midwestern University in 2013 with her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology after which she completed a two year post-doctorate.  Over the past six years Bekayla has worked as the director of an inpatient psychiatric unit and has held counselling positions at two of Canada’s premiere addiction treatment centres.  Over the course of her training and work experience, Bekayla has worked with children, adults and geriatrics providing individual, family and group therapy, crisis stabilization, rehabilitative services and addictions treatment.  Bekayla seeks to recognize the unique needs of each of the clients with whom she works and believes in treating the whole person; mind, body and soul in order to create a sense of wholeness for her clients.  To do this, Bekayla practices from an integrative approach utilizing person-centred, humanistic, existential and trauma-informed therapy.  Bekayla believes in facilitating lasting change in people’s lives and is passionate about helping others see and reach their full potential.  At Strength Counselling Services, Bekayla will be responsible for front-line clinical supervision and monitoring team decisions from a strong ethics-informed lens.

Clinical Team

Ewan Kirkaldy, BSW, RSW, CCAC


Ewan holds a bachelor of social work degree from the University of Victoria. He is also a registered social worker with the BC College of Social workers. For the past five years Ewan has held a number of different and diverse positions including counsellor, group facilitator, and housing support worker.  Ewan works from a client centred, strength based approach, using a trauma informed lens. He specializes in working with addiction, and is able to draw from both personal and professional experience.  Ewan believes in working holistically to improve vitality and quality of life in all areas.  At Strength Counselling, Ewan is responsible for creating and delivering individualized programming for clients on his caseload.

Jake Sombrutzki, BHSc


Jake has a Bachelors of Health Sciences (Addictions and Mental Health) from the University of Lethbridge. He utilizes CBT and DBT techniques in his counselling approach. Jake believes in incorporating eastern philosophy and mindfulness into his life and practises as a counsellor. He is currently working on developing research on counselling with gaming as the platform for reaching more populations who struggle with tradition therapy.

Rosa Toste D.Apc., CCPCPR(c)


Rosa is a passionate humorous being who has a knack for intuitively supporting those with eating disorder and body images issues throughout their recovery journey. Rosa has both personal and professional experience in the mental health and addictions field for almost 20 years and, specifically, with eating disorders for the past five years. Rosa’s person centered approach can assist clients to increase their knowledge, and alter their attitudes, and behaviors associated with disordered eating, body image issues, and any relatable dependency issues. Rosa is tenacious, kind and driven, and is committed to walking beside her clients through their process in the timeline that is necessary for optimal healing.  “Together, we will collaborate on meeting achievable and realistic goals to a better you”. 

Janet Nielsen, M.Ed. C.C.C.


Janet has a Masters of Education in Counselling Psychology (Addictions and Mental Health) from the University of Lethbridge and is a Canadian Certified Counsellor with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. She graduated from the University of Lethbridge in 2016 with a BA double major in Psychology and Religion, and an M.Ed. in 2019. Janet believes that we are a combination of body, mind, and spirit and that these elements need to be considered when trying to heal the whole person. She practices an integrative approach to counselling, which combines existential, cognitive-behavioural, trauma-informed and transpersonal therapy amongst others. Within this integrative framework, her central aim is to promote wholeness for her clients in all aspects of their lives. She counsels from a client-centered focus and believes in individual services and interventions that meet the unique needs and personalities of each client. She believes in facilitating the integration of body, mind, and soul by promoting growth and compassion for her clients that can lead to long-lasting, transformational change. Janet is passionate about exceptional human experiences (near-death experiences and mystical/transcendent experiences) and has researched these extensively. She has worked with many clients in relation to grief and loss, death and dying, and she completed her death doula certification in October 2019. She considers this work to be sacred and it allows her to support
people and their families as their life comes to a close.

Melanie Devine, BSW, M.C. (Cand.)


Melanie has a Bachelor of Social Work degree from UVIC (2001), and is currently completing her Master of Counselling Psychology degree.  She is presently interning at Indigenous Child and Youth Mental Health.  She has worked with people struggling with substance use dependency, significant mental health challenges, relational challenges, as well as sexual and gender exploration for over a decade. This work has taught her much about resiliency, resistance, hope and the tenacity of the human spirit.   Melanie has a passion for helping people access their inner strength and wisdom to help facilitate the creation of personal awareness and healing in their world.  She believes in each individual’s capacity for change and that it takes courage and compassion to embark on the journey to self-love.  Melanie takes a trauma-informed, heart and person-centered approach and credits her empathy and strong intuition for helping others navigate their own growth and healing.

Tyler Huston

Founder of Breath Control Therapy

Tyler is a First Responder Paramedic, Addictions Nurse, Certified Occupationally Aware Clinician and Founder of Breath Control Therapy. Tyler has spent years working with clients and patients from all walks of life in community, private and hospital settings as well as at several of Canada’s premier Addiction Rehabilitation Treatment Centers. Tyler has collaborated with Physicians, Coaches, Counsellors, Navy SEALS, Veterans, Police Officers, Firefighters, CEO’s, Professional Athletes, Parents, Grandparents and Children to develop Breath Control Therapy.

Samantha Waagenaar

Nutrition and Fitness Consultant

Samantha is a fun loving woman who carries a genuine enthusiasm with her in whatever she does. She has been in the Health & Wellness industry for the majority of her life gathering certifications for nutrition,  personal training, and yoga. Her take on sustainable health is one that has been influenced very heavily by her own life experiences, from the struggle of exercise addiction, to finding balance with food, exercise, rest and recovery. Samantha believes that creating change can be difficult and that the power to heal ourselves comes from help across many specialties.  In conjunction with the clinical team, Samantha is here to guide, inspire and support you in your journey to well-being through nutrition, exercise, and meditation!

Administrative Team

Vanessa Rae

Administrative Assistant

Vanessa is currently a student at the University of Calgary attaining her honours in Psychology while doing neuroscience research for her thesis. She plans to go forth onto pursuing both her Masters/PhD in Clinical Psychology. Vanessa’s passion is finding ways to heal and guide those who are struggling day in and day out with mental illness, emotional distress, and trauma. Primarily, Vanessa’s interest is in eating disorders. Recovered from one herself she wishes to dedicate her life to helping others become anchored in pure self love, recovery, and health.

Marketing Team

Ellenie Kibaris, B.A.

Social Media Marketing Manager

Ellenie is a Social Media Strategist that specializes in organic content and growth for businesses. She has a B.A. in Psychology with a special focus on Anxiety Disorders. She is passionate about blogging and writing about mental health and wellness.

Micky Capra 

Social Media Assistant

Micky joins the team with a Diploma in Marketing and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Event Planning. After working in the automotive industry for many years, Micky had the desire to branch out and explore other industries. She is excited to be a part of a team that is dedicated to assisting individuals in their mental health and recovery journey.