What is E-counselling and how does it work?

E-counselling, which is also known as video-conference counselling, is conducted with the same clinical skill and adherence as counselling delivered in an office setting. The client and counsellor simply “log-on” to a predetermined communication program for the duration of the session time. A functional internet connection is necessary for the effectiveness of this programming. Homework and interventions will be delivered in the same manner as in an office setting.

How do I know if counselling is right for me?

At Strength Counselling we believe everyone deserves support. If you are asking this question, chances are counselling is a fit for you. We are here to help you cultivate a deeper connection with yourself in a safe and supportive environment. If you are unsure if counselling is for you, we invite you to schedule a discovery call with us.

What kind of counselling do you offer?

We offer:

Couples Counselling

Family Counselling

Individual Counselling

Group Counselling

Life Coaching

What does it cost and what if I can't afford it?

We charge $150 per 1 hour (individual counselling) session and $225 per 1.5 hour session (couples or family counselling).

For those who are unable to accommodate this price point there are some options for consideration. Please let us know if you require one of the below options.

1. We offer a sliding scale. The sliding scale is offered to clients who worry about their ability to pay their bills.

2. We offer life coaching. This program is offered at half time for half the cost of counselling. Life coaching is different than counselling in that it focuses specially on solutions for every day issues. Counselling focuses on deeper emotional concerns.

3. Internship Program: We offer internships to Master Level Counsellors and Social Workers. Our students carry a caseload just the same as our clinicians. The student rates are lower than the sliding scale, but higher than the Low Cost Counselling Program.

4. Low Cost Counselling Program: This program is for clients who struggle to meet their basic needs due to financial restraint. There is no required fee and the client can choose the fee best fit for their budget. It is a 10 week program (10, 1 hour sessions in 10 weeks). This program currently has a 3-4 month wait although if you are willing to work with a student, you likely can begin immediately. If not, you are welcome to begin sessions within the sliding scale price structure and then wait for your place in line. The funds collected from this program are partially used as donations to families/charities in need around Christmas and are also used toward a bonus program for our clinicians.

Are these services covered by health benefits?

In some cases, yes.

For insurance coverage it will be important to establish exactly what  clinical designations are covered.  Here, we have registered clinical counsellors, registered social workers, registered addictions counsellors, and certified Canadian counsellors.

Please contact your benefits provider to find out if any of the above designation are covered with your specific benefits package.

If I am not comfortable with video sessions, can I do it over the phone?

Yes, we do offer telephone sessions based on client preference, although, it is important to note that we find our counsellors deliver stronger results and our clients receive greater benefit when sessions are conducted via video.

How do I get started?

We have an intake, assessment, and goal planning process for every client. Once you have contacted us, we will call you and text you within 48 hours. During this communication we discuss presenting concerns, our ability to address them, establish the type of services necessary, and to answer any questions. The inquirer is then forwarded an intake package with detailed instructions on steps for completion.

Once the intake package is completed, a counsellor, who has been chosen specifically based on the needs of the client, will be in contact.  If the intake team has any questions once the intake is finished, we will be in touch prior to the counsellor being assigned.

Do I get to choose the therapist I work with?

We welcome you to review our team page to see individual therapist profiles and let us know during your intake if you wish to work with a specific counsellor.

To ensure we have matched our clients with the appropriate clinician we will conduct a client intake and assessment. It is during this on-boarding process that our team will determine the right fit for best support.

How long is a session?

A typical individual counselling session is 60 minutes in length.

A typical life coaching session is 30 minutes in length.

A typical couples or family counselling session is 90 minutes in length.

How long should I attend counselling?

The process of healing is cyclical and counselling is based on individual needs, duration of services will vary for each person. Please see below our stages of transformation.  Some clients choose to stay with us through all of them, and that sometimes takes years to complete, while others choose only to participate in a few, which can take as little as a few months.

Stages of transformation:

1. Crisis Stage: This stage focuses on assisting the client to resolve crisis based situations in their lives

2. Balance Stage:  This stage focuses on supporting the client to achieve balance based on their necessities of life.

3. Interpersonal Communication & Relationships Stage:  This stage focuses on teaching the client healthy modes of communication and how to manage relationship challenges.  We focus on both relationship with self and relationship with others.

4. Trauma Reprocessing Stage:  This stage focuses on exploring the clients’ history of trauma, offering modes of healing, and providing opportunities for the integration of these modes to prevent future resurfacing of past trauma.

5. Conscious Integration Stage: Through the lens of Transpersonal Psychology, this stage focuses on supporting the client to practice their true nature in the world, without fear, worry, or trepidation.

Is the online meeting space confidential?

Yes, we use an encrypted platform and our notes are also encrypted and HIPPA compliant.

What results can I expect from working with this agency?

We believe the possibilities are endless! Healing is a complex (and exciting!) lifelong journey. We have had the honour to walk alongside hundreds of clients who are now thriving in their lives. We feel the best way to answer this question is to let our clients speak for us. Please see our testimonials page to hear what they had to say!