I just wanted to quickly say, thank you so much for everything you and your team have done for me in the last 6 months. - Lisa

I just wanted to quickly say, thank you so much for everything you and your team have done for me in the last 6 months. Tammy is an amazing counsellor and I am so grateful I’ve had an opportunity to continue working with her and strength counselling despite my financial situation. I’ve been meaning to thank you for that for awhile now. I feel so lucky knowing that my first steps with improving my mental health has been with your team and it’s been nothing but an encouraging experience for me. – Lisa

I started counselling because I needed help sorting through some big emotions and events in my life and the results were incredibly beneficial. - Ella

I started counselling because I needed help sorting through some big emotions and events in my life and the results were incredibly beneficial. I have noticed such a difference and I cannot express how thankful I am for these services. I appreciated Kristin’s approach the most. She is an amazing connector, listener, and guide. 

When I started I had anxiety, money issues, and general fear of the unknown but they worked with me in all aspects, and helped me feel in control of the decision to ultimately try and change my life. I would say to anyone, close or not, that this therapy could be helpful to anyone, in any stage of their journey. I had heard about IFS and was specifically looking for that, since I have tried a million other therapy techniques and this one was the perfect fit for me. I can’t wait to continue and use all the tools Kristin has equipped me with.

Three benefits I received from working with Strength are being able to identify what I’m feeling, putting a title on it, and then communicating with the emotion itself. Kristin gave me tools and confidence to work with my inner self but sometimes without the guidance I don’t communicate to the parts properly and it can get muddled, I want to continue exploring all the parts. What surprised me the most was noticing a difference in myself, and my relationships. Other therapies didn’t have that instant gratification like the IFS program did for me and that made all the difference. – Ella

This was the best decision I ever made getting a Therapist with Strength Counselling; the whole experience was transforming.- Angie

This was the best decision I ever made getting a Therapist with Strength Counselling; the whole experience was transforming. This was the best experience with a Therapist that I have ever had. My Therapist and I clicked, and we were on the same page for my healing. I was looking for a Therapist to deal with my healing journey, and due to my health issues I am not able to drive to see one. Strength Counselling was able to do my sessions over the phone. So, this was the best experience of my life, all around.

I have my life purpose back, I have more confidence, and I know I am not alone and truly feel like I was transformed into a new beautiful version of myself. I have tools I was given to continue healing, so I’m working on them everyday. And, I know what I need to focus on for my healing journey to continue in a healthy manner. I appreciated most that we focused on the core of my issues and I was  given the tools for helping without judgement. Every part of this experience was transformative; it was enlightening, inspirational and made me feel safe. – Angie

I reached out hoping to get a better understanding of my own behaviours in order to improve my relationships. - Lorne

I was in a place where most aspects of my life were in a good place but didn’t necessarily know how to make them better. Now, I have a much better understanding of my own mind, and with that many aspects of my life improved. I have better relationships with family and friends. I can anticipate issues (For me anxiety) before they arise and I’ve gotten used to the process of talking out my issues.

I felt a strong connection with my counsellor, I felt she cared and had a way of communicating that was helpful and firm but also not too pushy. I always felt heard and she had an ability to neatly take all my problems and show how they were connected and make them seem more manageable. The idea of sharing your thoughts and feelings can be quite daunting. But after my first session I realized how important getting used to talking about your feelings can be.

If I were to recommend these guys to someone, I would tell them that you don’t have to be at rock bottom to benefit from counselling. Frankly I kind of happened upon this service via a google search. I however am very glad I did and would recommend anyone do the same. The benefits I received as a result of working with my counsellor: becoming used to talking about your problems can make them much easier to manage, learning to manage my anxiety, and learning to set and maintain personal boundaries. I was surprised by how interconnected life’s issues can be. When you’re working on certain issues and start to see improvement, your life can improve in ways you don’t expect. It’s not as daunting to have a weekly appointment as I thought. Maintaining a weekly appointment as part of my routine became very helpful for managing my life without feeling like i’m letting certain things (anxiety) get out of control. – Lorne

I originally reached out to Strength Counselling Services for eating disordered behaviour and intimacy issues with my partner - Greta

Since working with them I’ve been able to connect some of the trauma I’ve experienced to my eating disorder. I’ve also learned to be more kind, patient and gentle with myself. I’ve appreciated all of the support the most! Rosa brought so much experience and knowledge to our sessions. She was always very present and real, and (gently) called me out on behaviour and thought patterns that I didn’t even realize I had… I think this organization is truly amazing! I now know what true support feels like and have more knowledge and awareness than before. My life is now more stable and less chaotic. I mostly appreciated having a treatment team with a dietician as the teamwork between them was great for me.- Greta

I reached out to Strength Counselling because I was experiencing acute and chronic stress on the worksite, triggering a post traumatic stress response following a series of challenging life transitions. - Callie

I chose to work through a modality focusing on training the brain to think and respond differently to post traumatic events, including current stressors. My therapist, Ewan, guided me through a series of Cognitive Processing Therapy sessions, each session progressing to the next stage, from exploring trauma-based beliefs to challenging and changing those beliefs. I experienced a shift from powerlessness to feeling more in control of my current stressors, as well, a shift in perspective to a series of recent traumatic events that occurred on the job and in my personal life.

Taking the first step and reaching out for support is not easy, so I appreciate the professionalism, care and consideration involved during intake. Amanda’s streamline and team approach to matching clients with therapists for compatibility, and passing along intake information to the therapist before connecting with them, set a tone of professionalism, care and consideration. She took time to understand what I needed, who would be the best fit, and which modality would be the most suitable to the support I was seeking.

It was refreshing to be paired with a therapist who had a similar vocational background and could understand the type of stress I was experiencing as a result of my job. I also appreciated being asked to write a testimonial of my experience with Strength. I’ve experienced and managed various traumatic events over my life, including on the job trauma due to my line of work. All of this, combined with maneuvering my life around in response to covid and our current socioeconomic climate post covid, brought on many continuous challenges, more than my nervous system could manage at once. Had I not been afforded the time to work through these sessions at my own pace, I would have given up on the work. Moving through these sessions and doing the work was not easy, but I was able to work at my own pace which gave me time to practice in action, and time for me to transform the way I was responding to current stressors in my life.

Strength Counselling has a diverse buffet of services available, tailored to fit a wide variety of client concerns. Their integrated team approach demonstrates care for one another, as colleagues, so you know your therapist is supported by the organization, to ensure best possible delivery of service to their clients. They’re passionate about the work they do, innovatively extending their services through various platforms to make their services accessible to a wide variety of folks. Now I’m feeling more grounded while transitioning through a prolonged state of uncertainty.

I’ve moved from a state of urgency to managing stress with a calmer objective approach and trusting the process as it unfolds. Its great to know that I have tools to access if I am beginning to feel overcome by stress. I’m also able to see the traumatic events I experienced from a different vantage point and I’m liberated to live in the outcome as it really is, instead of what I’m reliving it to be. For every control, there is a causal effect and one can’t possibly plan, predict and strategize for every possible outcome. We are in direct relationship with a complex world with an incomprehensible number of possible responses from ourselves and others, including the environment, where numerous events are happening all at once. Releasing accountability for how a situation turns out beyond my own control is liberating.

I needed a therapist who could reflect a calm, flexible and grounded energy back to me and Ewan picked up on this right away. His insight was on point, he encouraged me to challenge my own stuck thoughts and was able to meet me where I was at, moving at my own pace. I also appreciated Ewan’s informative approach to the work, articulating the work in advance of next session, and his receptiveness to my own process. – Callie

I was happiest when I realized I was heard and was not treated like a burden. - Anderson

The reason I reached out to Strength Counselling Services was because I was overwhelmed and by working with them I was able to overcome some things that caused me to feel this way. I appreciated that my counsellor was empathetic and helped me feel less alone. I’ve recommended Strength counselling to many people and have said it’s invaluable to have someone to speak to and work out your issues with. I chose this service because of its affordability and accessibility. – Anderson

I have limited experience with counseling and therapy but this was overall a positive one. - James

We touched on some things I hadn’t realised I was struggling with, gained perspective, and a much better understanding of why I might react the way I do to certain stressors. My time with Ajay was valuable and they were easy to open up to. I found them to be intuitive, receptive to feedback, and pleasant to talk with. I respond well to conversation and dialogue without judgement or an agenda, and that was what I got with Ajay.

I would and will recommend Strength Counselling to others. And will certainly consider getting back in touch as I work through this first round of discoveries. – James

The original reason I reached out to Strength Counselling Services was because I was feeling like I was at a breaking point trying to balance my family and relationships and work life. - Arlene

I was numb and deeply unhappy. I wanted to have the tools to be able to engage in my life again. The result of attending counselling with them is that I have much more balance in my life and I feel like I am able to engage in my relationships in a healthier way. I have space from the people I need space from but am also able to open up and be close to those that matter. Big events don’t seem to rock the boat as much and I feel better equipped to cope with my life. I also feel like I reconnected with my true, authentic self and am able to listen to her again.
I really liked the model that we worked through and the order that we addressed my concerns in. I felt like I had a lot of choice and control over my healing experience while also being pushed to address issues and face the more unpleasant parts of the healing journey. I had to make a lot of structural changes to my life and make a lot of boundaries with people that didn’t always go over well. Amanda held me accountable for my own well-being in a way that I hadn’t previously had to do. By being accountable to her for my actions and decisions, I was able to gain the strength and practice to then be accountable to myself in the long term.
I have recommended their services to those close to me. This is counselling that aligns with how we think. I felt very supported, understood, and never judged. It had the right amount of the “universe’s power” combined with evidence-based practice and real skills that will actually change your life. The cost was affordable for me as I had to pay out of pocket. Many of the counsellors specialized or had experience in topics that were relevant to my life at the time so I felt confident that there would be a good fit. I was also referred from someone that counsels someone else in my family so I felt confident in the skills of the counsellors for my needs.
Some benefits I have experienced are, a better work-life balance; better boundaries with people in my life and therefore more influence over how I let them make me feel; and a better relationship with my authentic self and trust in letting my soul guide my decisions. Although life can still feel challenging, I feel like now I have more of the skills and tools to take care of myself so I am up for the challenge.
What surprised me the most is that I felt really seen. I have worked with a lot of counsellors and never really felt that seen or understood. But with Amanda I felt very seen and I feel like really quickly she understood a lot about how I think and how to provide advice and information to me (homework and colour coded charts haha). I honestly don’t think I would say they could do anything better, based on my experiences. I felt very satisfied and wasn’t left wanting/needing anymore. Every second of every session was worth it! – Arlene

The original reason I reached out to Strength Counselling was because I was in a very intense psychological, existential, identity crisis. - Gina

What happened was that I got a feeling of being truly supported, held, and cared for. As well as receiving guidance and clarity regarding challenges in my life. What I appreciated most about this experience was the compassion, consistency, guidance, support, and love, offered by the counsellor. As well as the financial availability of the program; I chose this program because of their pricing options, actually.

I would tell my friends that they are a wonderful place of healing and support. Three benefits I’m taking away are self compassion, feeling held by the world, and loving connection.  My life now that I’ve had this experience is more assured, more equipped. What surprised me the most was the love and kindness of my counsellor and strength counselling services. – Gina

We originally came to counselling for couples/ addiction issues. The results were amazing, eye opening! - Shannon

We continue to work as a team. And check in with each other.  We appreciated most that the counsellor was real with us; we really appreciated being called out and addressing the issues. As a result of this experience we still work at communicating everyday.
I have recommended those close to me use this service if they need to. I tell them that this company stands above others because of how real the sessions are. And if you put in the work the counsellors certainly do too. Honestly I don’t know if we could have gone anywhere else. The beginning affordability program is what saved us to start.
3 benefits I gained in this program are: open communication with my husband, non judgemental space to speak, tools to keep him clean and committed to working on us. Life now that we’ve had this experience is much better. Still one day at a time but trust has been built back up. – Shannon

I came to Strength Counselling because I am an Alcoholic and my life had fallen apart. The results of working with my counsellor was, ultimately, a great way of life. - Doug

What I appreciated most about my time with my counsellor was the honesty and care they showed myself and my family. Something I was afraid of was the fear of the unknown but with the guidance and experience of counselling, I gained trust and confidence.
If I were to recommend this company, I would encourage them to GO FOR IT and that their life will be better than they could ever imagine. The reason I chose to go to counselling is because I was at the end of my rope and it was the only thing I hadn’t tried, when everything else failed. Some things I gained from my experience are family trust, confidence to move forward on a daily basis no matter what, and I learned to love people and myself in a way I have never been able to before.
Now that I’ve had this experience my life is manageable in every moment and I was happiest to see the degree of care and love that the counsellor put into this process for me. I really don’t think there is anything else they could have done to provide me with a better experience. Thank you! – Doug

Janet always comes prepared with a game plan. - Rennay

She is a great listener, validating, she challenges you and gets you thinking, she has great tools, and I am so happy to have her!!! – Rennay

I am very grateful for Janet. - Bryanna

Our work together has supported me to a point in my life where I feel unprecedented levels of self-acceptance. – Bryanna

I worked with Strength for counseling regarding sexual abuse and I thought my counsellor was great! - Adelina

I felt like I was actually being listened to and was given tools that actually helped me and if I found something that didn’t work I was offered different things to try and help. Life is just super crazy busy right now and finances aren’t the best with being in school right now but attending with Strength Counselling made it possible despite these challenges.

I tell anyone I know about these guys and let them know how amazing they are and how far I have come in my life with the help from them. Working with them was totally worth it and I would recommend it to anyone struggling in their life. Three big things I took away were: learning to control my anxiety, not letting other people’s opinions affect me as much, and learning how to cope with my family. My life now is wayyyy better and still getting better everyday as I have learned tools to learn to do so. What surprised me most and made me the happiest working with them is that I learned how to take control of my body and figure out what emotions are. I wouldn’t change anything, I think they’re all amazing. – Adelina

In the short amount of time that I've been working with Rosa, she has helped me so much. - Sophia

I’ve been able to adjust my way of seeing things and create healthy boundaries for myself to better myself and future and I’m beyond thankful for her, her approach, friendliness and how we communicate. It just feels as if you are talking to a friend. – Sophia

Melanie is warm, compassionate and very supportive. - Ava

She gives lots of resources and brings her open presence to each session. She is transparent & she checks in regularly to make sure I am on track for goals & using the session to its full potential. She is direct which I really appreciate. I find I get a lot from our sessions.- Ava

Janet is a wonderful counsellor. - Lillian

I believe we were a very good fit. I feel that the intake questionnaire is helpful in finding the right client/patient match. This is the first time I had been offered a questionnaire prior to counselling and I think that it was worthwhile since you have a better chance of find a counsellor that works. Overall, I am very happy with Strength Counselling.- Lillian

Janet is a constant source of calm and support. - Martha

I look forward to our sessions as resting places on my journey towards healing.- Martha

All of the counsellors that facilitate the Thursday night coda group are excellent and much appreciated. - Doug

It’s so important to have that consistency and confidence that the group time will be one of purpose, value and connection. Jake’s facilitating skill combined with his ability to hone in on an individuals situation and provide insightful contributions to each member is well known and no one wants to miss his nights. – Doug

Janet is wonderful! - Jenn

Janet has helped me get to where I can think, question and identify causes and effects, to the extent that that’s possible.- Jenn

I am grateful for making the first call to Strength Counseling. - Chloe

Each person I have had any contact with has always been positive and curious! Amanda, Rosa and Janet. – Chloe

Great job! I have enjoyed my experience with Amanda. - Liam

It has been the most positive experience I have had with a counsellor. – Liam

I'm very grateful for the opportunity to work with Janet. - Alex

I am experiencing a lot of growth and healing through our work together. – Alex

I appreciate having the opportunity to engage with Samantha. - Libby

My knowledge has increased and I am a stronger person. – Libby

Janet is an amazing counselor and coach. - Noah

I deeply appreciate her insights, knowledge and guidance. – Noah

Amanda is absolutely amazing. - Ralph

Amanda is the first counsellor I feel comfortable with.- Ralph

I have become more resilient as a result of it thanks to Amanda.- Jennifer

It was so nice receiving counselling from Amanda for 10 weeks. I have become more resilient as a result of it thanks to her. I still have a long way to go but I believe there is hope that I will recover and begin to rebuild my life again. Thank you so much, Amanda! – Jennifer

The way Strength Counselling is set up it clears away a lot of the barriers to getting help that I experience locally. - Helen

 The program has been a huge help and I wouldn’t have been able to access it at that time without the donation program.
I plan to continue working with Janet ( who is terrific ) in a few months ( without the donation program ) to keep building on what we started when I was in crisis.
I have issues with transportation, finding appointment times around my job, access to female counsellors, and when I’m functioning less just leaving my house is a huge hurtle. The way Strength Counselling is set up it clears away a lot of the barriers to getting help that I experience locally.
Thank you SO much! – Helen

Today my Life is moving forward in a beautiful way - Roger

Today my Life is moving forward in a beautiful way. My time with strength counselling has been such a blessing for myself and my family. Brittany is such a wonderful person and has had the patience and unbelievable knowledge to work with me and help me make the changes that I have never been able to make. I am sober , have a sense of Joy and freedom in my life. Thank you so very much Brittany and thank you Amanda for your first class service and care! – Roger

For the last 10 years I struggled daily with anxiety- Pam

For the last 10 years I struggled daily with anxiety, self confidence, negative self talk, and body image. I never thought that the way I was breathing could be a contributing factor.
When I started Breath Control Therapy with Tyler, the process put all the piece I had worked towards in to focus. From the very first session I was able to think more clearly and recognize moments throughout my day where I could use the tools he was teaching me. They are tools I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Committing to 30 minutes of daily practice using the techniques Tyler can provide you, could change your life.
Tyler combines Mental Health and Science with ingenuity and simplicity. His personal story and background speak for itself. How many people can say they received an offer of a lifetime, to train in breathology from someone they admire and emulate. Tyler is understanding, open minded, and experienced. He taught me how to breathe again, he helped me find my happy place. Something I thought I’d never feel again. – Pam

I am choosing to live a strong and healthy sober life - Lika

Choosing to access counselling supports and actually do the work that was necessary for my personal growth, has been life-changing. Being able to put everything on the table and have an honest look at the choices I was making and how I was reacting to situations, was very emotional. The support I received helped me see that I am choosing to live a strong and healthy sober life, and through this clarity I see how wonderful and amazing life is. Thank you!

– Lika

Amanda has been there every step of the way - Josh

I started seeing Amanda 2 years ago. In the beginning my main goal was to develop effective communication with my partner. Throughout the process i started to recognize the unhealthy habits that i have unknowingly repeated since i was a teenager. Working with Amanda i was able to develop proper coping techniques to lead a healthy life. For the first time in 20 years my life is organized and I am able to set boundaries to allow myself to maintain a healthy me. I am now building relationships through honesty and not underestimating the importance of trust. Meeting Amanda has truly been a blessing. She’s tough and honest but incredibly compassionate. The road to recovery can be sometimes lonely and hard but Amanda has been there every step of the way.

Thank you Amanda

– Josh

No longer caught in a pattern of perpetual absenteeism from my own life - Harvard

It’s been over a year since I started working with Ewan so perhaps the best measure of our effectiveness together can be found in asking how am I doing today.

The main problem that I came seeking help for is that I am an addict. Under Ewan’s guidance, I managed to string together over a year of clean time. There have been setbacks as one might expect, however, today I am experiencing the longest periods of lucidity since before I started using. I am no longer caught in a pattern of perpetual absenteeism from my own life.

Perhaps Ewan’s crowning accomplishment in my case was to get me into the rooms of Narcotics Anonymous when I had both numerous reservations and objections for my being there. The first few times did not go well- I attended a dinner after a meeting to break the ice with some members and the people I left with were somehow not the people that showed up. I ended up sitting at a table of four listening to one guy monopolize the conversation 90% and a second person taking up the remaining 10%. I don’t think the talkers even knew the names of me and my stranger silent partner.

Another time a person I was considering having as a sponsor intellectually attacked me over my beliefs. Ewan, of course, heard all of my fledgling woes and most importantly was able to convince me to keep coming back. And I did. And today I recognize how very vital and irreplaceable my support group through NA is.

NA meetings have not replaced Ewan but they do fill a gap that is inherent in once-a-week counselling. Meetings with Ewan provide a safety net- I’ve skipped out on meetings that I’ve planned to go to but I’ve never last-minute fully-cancelled a session with Ewan. The biggest reason for that, I feel, is that I consistently enjoy meeting with him. (I do not consistently enjoy every NA meeting I go to despite recognizing their necessity.)

Some sessions he lets me vent my pain. Some sessions we joke around a lot. Some sessions he gets serious about homework. He has a lot of flexibility in his style, and incremental experimentation in the homework he gives me has been a key feature and, I feel, reason for his success with me.

I hope this writing has provided an idea of the value Ewan has contributed into my life.

She opened my eyes, my mind, and my heart, and for that I am truly thankful - Caitlin

I met Amanda 3 years ago. She was the person who helped change my life. It didn’t start out as me wanting to get help through counselling. A friend recommended I see Amanda for weight loss. After filling out the intake form and meeting her for my first session (which I thought would be all about fitness) a session that helped open my eyes wide to the existing problems in my life. Problems I already knew were there but I didn’t have the tools to deal with them.

On the intake form you rate your current relationship on a scale of 1-10. I circled 3 and didn’t even think twice about that being a problem. Even though in my heart the relationship had been a problem for years. Amanda encouraged me to invite my boyfriend to a session. He said yes and the next morning he changed his mind. A 6 year relationship came to an end and my whole world fell apart with it.

Looking back today and everything that came along with the break up choosing to see Amanda regardless of my reason behind the initial visit was one of the best choices I have ever made in my life. She was there for me every step of the way. She was there for me through all the tears. I could text her or call her no matter what. She was always there to provide me with healthy choices and emotionally support. She is still there for me today.

Amanda contacted me a couple of weeks ago just to check in with me even though I haven’t had a session in months. My life is far from perfect but she is always just a session away when I really need it. It took me 2 years to get around to writing this review and I could not say a bad thing about Amanda. I have recommended to her to countless friends and will continue to do so until she tells me to stop 🙂

She opened my eyes, my mind, and my heart, and for that I am truly thankful.

Holding me accountable - Kristy

Amanda makes it easier to talk about the things you don’t want to talk about. She holds you accountable and is with you every step of the way. Very personable.

Calm, non judgemental, accommodating, and always positive - Sharon

I cannot begin to say how blessed we were to find Amanda those years ago. She was still finishing her education at the time and yet, after one phone call with her, I felt that this young woman would be key in getting my daughter’s life back together. She had a way of listening -really listening- to what I had to say. My concerns and questions were never brushed off or minimized, unlike my experiences with counselling from the several years previous. Amanda answered me with honesty, with empathy, with compassion, and with the assurance that she would always do her level best for my daughter. That Diane would never be just a time slot on the calendar. That assurance still holds true to this day.

Diane had been to counselling for many years previously, prescribed medications, and yet there was little improvement. She was given lists of “things you must do” which most always meant things that “I” had to do with my daughter. This would have been fine if it would have been anywhere near successful. So we would find ourselves going around the same circle again and again, year after year, with nothing to show for all this but frustration, disappointment, and anger. Our family was a mess. The stress was becoming unbearable. No one was listening. Enter Amanda.

I found Amanda to be calm, non judgemental, accommodating, and always positive. Her sessions were always fair, straightforward, and professional. She welcomed me into the sessions until my daughter was comfortable enough to be there on her own. We were encouraged to speak freely and openly. My thoughts and ideas were given consideration. While respecting my daughter’s right to privacy, I was kept in the loop and always treated with respect.

As Amanda spent time with Diane, she began to develop a plan very different from anything we had done before. Amanda would discuss the task with my daughter. Things like what it would look like, the steps they would take, what could be a risk or problem, what could you do then, and what a success might look like. She always included Diane in the plan, asking what her thoughts were. My favourite was that shoulder shrugs and “I don’t knows” weren’t acceptable answers. She was expected to try. Then they would practice in the office. Discussion would follow on why things went well or why they didn’t. No task was too small. Then, when Diane felt ready or just needed a gentle, but firm nudge, they would try the task out in the real world, together. When that was successful, Diane would then try on her own. It was amazing to see the growth in just a short time. She was developing tools she could use. My daughter was finally gaining confidence, becoming empowered, having some control.

Amanda was also instrumental in helping me to get my daughter reassessed. Through Amanda’s diligent work, we were able to get Daine retested and the costs covered. Diane now has a much clearer understanding of herself.

When Amanda moved, we thought things would come undone. Not so. With all the technology at our fingertips, it’s been easy and convenient to keep in touch. With that said, Diane still needed face to face support. Amanda went above and beyond screening prospective case workers until she was satisfied she had just the right match for Diane. We are happily and thankfully utilizing this support today.

Without Amanda, our lives would be in a very dark and different place. I knew shortly after starting our journey with Amanda and Strength Counselling, that it would prove to be a positive an helpful experience. I knew this because My daughter was smiling.

For those who want real change - Malcolm

I first started sessions with Amanda a few years a go. She helped me through a tumultuous transition in my life. I have come to find her candid and earnest feedback a great help in aiding my personal reflection and my ability to cope with change.

I have had a few counselors in the past who would just nod their heads all the time. In contrast, Amanda provides real support and advice. She is truly engaged and willing to challenge you where appropriate. For some this may be a difficult process to deal with, but for those who want real change, it is definitely the right direction and I would not hesitate to recommend Amanda.

Strength Counselling put my family back together - Carley

Strength Counselling not only put my family back together but it gave me the tools needed to put myself back together, no matter how broken I feel . Personally, i’ve come such a long ways with the help I received and with counselling available over Skype there are no limits!

Thank you Strength Counselling!

Amanda's passion for helping people shines - Julie

Amanda helped me determine what my goals were and told me how I could reach them. Amanda is very realistic with you and doesn’t get your hopes up, she wants you to be successful and feel good about yourself. Amanda pushes you to your max and won’t take excuses unless they are legit! Amanda’s passion for helping people shines when she’s helping you in the gym! I’m sure it’d be the same when she does counselling therapy, however I’ve only done personal training with her.

Easy and convenient being able to do the sessions from the comfort of my home - Scott

Amanda is both personable and professional. She is easy to talk to and a good listener, however also knows when to interject with feedback. I first began seeing Amanda when she was located in Lethbridge, after she moved to Victoria we continued our sessions through Skype. At first I was leery about continuing sessions over Skype, however after trying it I have found it to really not be any different from our sessions in her office. I have found it easy and convenient being able to do the sessions from the comfort of my home. I would not hesitate to recommend Amanda to anyone as well as Skype sessions with her.

My time with Manuela was very valuable in helping me unpack a lot and make sense of a big influence in my life. - Mari

I finished a series of counselling sessions with Manuela end of August or so. My time with her was very valuable in helping me unpack a lot and make sense of a big influence in my life. I had been “managing” this pressure which involved several of my early relationships, I guess thinking that they were out of sight and out of mind. Manuela coached me in my mediation practise and introduced me to EMDR.  Manuela also sent me several online links that enhanced my counselling experience. My time with her was a combination of talk therapy and skill development and probably one of the most helpful times I have spent in counselling.

Rosa has helped me transform into a stronger, more compassionate and more aware person. - Frances

I love how honest she is and how honest I can be with her. I am most grateful she allows me to text her when I feel in a slump. I always feel better and I am amazed and how she can communicate things in such an understandable way. Thanks for all you do Rosa! – Frances

Michelle is excellent at what she does. - Debra

She has already helped me make so much progress towards my goals! – Debra

I firmly believe Melanie saved my life. - Mary

I do not think I could have crossed any of my hurdles, set my boundaries and left my abusive relationship without her. She has taught me so much – even though I have so much work left to do, I feel more myself than I have in a long time. Thank you, Melanie – for everything. – Mary

This is my first time talking with a counsellor and It has helped me out tremendously. - Paul

Jake has helped me in many ways, giving me the tools to get through day to day life and holding me accountable for myself. I look forward to our sessions and believe I will continue with counselling for the foreseeable future. – Paul

I have had nothing but an amazing experience and I constantly look forward to my sessions with Rosa. - Allie

I first reached out to Strength because my mental health took a hit. I was struggling through life and had a lot of trauma happening. The results of the time spent with Strength have been great. I have been feeling more confident, making decisions for myself, learning to create boundaries. Figuring out why I do the things I do and where they come from. I have had nothing but an amazing experience and I constantly look forward to my sessions with Rosa. My fears were put to rest with the confidence that Rosa helped me build. Knowing that I have reasons for why I respond how I do and how to correct it in a healthy manner. If I were to tell a friend about the counselling I received, I would say that therapy has helped me, that I would push for it. That the way your services are and how they operate are amazing! That I’ve never felt so comfortable with a therapist nor have I wanted to continue on the way I have and want to continue now. I knew I had issues from my childhood and that I need to work through them. If I had to name three benefits that came from working with Strength, I would say Confidence, healthier outlook, dealing with trauma in a healthy way. Now, I’m stronger in my decisions, I struggle but I don’t feel like I’m being swallowed up. My connection with Rosa has made me the happiest about working with Strength, it has helped so much. – Allie

I appreciated the fact that Strength was compassionate and caring and there was someone always there for me. - Melinda

I reached out to Strength Counselling because of an eating disorder. The results were amazing and very helpful. I appreciated the fact that Strength was compassionate and caring and there was someone always there for me. I was able to connect with Amanda and Rosa when I had doubts or fears through text or email. If I were to tell a close ally about how I feel about Strength Counselling, I would say they are great counsellors and they are easy to talk to. I truly appreciated having Rosa as my counsellor. If I had to name three benefits I’ve experienced while working with Strength Counselling, it would be coping tools, connection and community. Life is a lot more calm, happy and I am in better relationships now. I just celebrated four years. I couldn’t have done it without all of your support. – Melinda

After working with the team, I was able to understand how to deal with the trauma of my father’s death. - Melanie

I reached out to Strength Counselling to gain support for my father’s passing. After working with the team, I was able to understand how to deal with the trauma of my father’s death. I appreciated the direct methods used to work on myself so that I can apply them to my daily life. I would recommend if you work during the day, the team will work with you with very flexible hours, they are accessible and have great availability. I now live a much happier, more fulfilling life and have much more motivation to get through the days. I was pleasantly surprised that Amanda had worked with my father before. Amanda was so supportive of my situation with the time we spent together. – Melanie

It helped knowing I wasn’t alone but mainly getting professional feedback from a trained Clinician was important to me. - Tessa

I came to Strength Counselling for help in dealing with my trauma from my relationship with my partner and his addictions. It helped knowing I wasn’t alone but mainly getting professional feedback from a trained Clinician was important to me. It was a place where I was understood. I needed Professional feedback to help me change my thought process. Jake gave me tools on how I could try a different approach. I would say that it’s similar to an Alanon meeting but with someone in charge. It helped me to see behaviors in my spouse that showed signs of active addiction. It is a place where they understand addiction and essentially a place where I can learn self care. It’s been extremely helpful. They are APSATS trained. Building a relationship with everyone and getting support. We had a seperate chat group for additional support. – Tessa

The ease of doing it online and working around my schedule is what I appreciate the most. - Jill

Dealing with my spouse being a Narcissist, I have been trying to leave the relationship. I was able to clear my head; make definitive decisions; and leave him finally. The ease of doing it online and working around my schedule is what I appreciate the most. I liked the detailed intake form so that I was provided the most perfect therapist for my situation. The online profile was great so I could track my invoices. The follow-up and care from everyone at Strength Counselling Services is unmatched. My fears were put at rest. I was given wonderful counsel which helped me overcome my Trauma Bond and find myself again. No matter what you are dealing with, they have the best of the best of therapists to help overcome all your challenges! Your website and how you have your programs and therapists setup made me decide that your company was the best to deal with what I was dealing with. I got safely away from the Ex-Husband; I rebuilt my relationship with my 2 daughters that the Ex tried to ruin; and I have many tools now to use whenever I may struggle in the future.I still have some bad days and moments but I feel strong and capable of overcoming them with the tools I was given by my therapist. You guys are amazing!!! – Jill

Despite knowing I have a ways to go still, my life is now better and I feel I have healed to some degree, after having worked with Mel!- Raina

I came to Strength Counselling Services for help in our relationship.  I have a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).  I appreciated the non-judgemental environment Mel provided to us and felt comfortable.  She helped me through my tough time and I felt like there was an answer for BPD.  Despite knowing I have a ways to go still, my life is now better and I feel I have healed to some degree, after having worked with Mel! – Raina

I have referred two others to your program because I am so impressed with how thorough you are in intake and how you try to choose someone who seems to fit best the unique needs of the individual. - Sandy

It has been a very strong support.  Janet follows and assists my ways of orienting and processing better than any other therapists I have had in all these 30 years of my journey.  I am  very very grateful for the donation program allowing me to have her in my life during some major transitions concerning the PTSD and DID.  I have agreed to twice monthly sessions at this point at her reduced regular rate.
I have referred two others to your program because I am so impressed with how thorough you are in intake and how you try to choose someone who seems to fit best the unique needs of the individual.  I will continue to refer folks whenever it comes up. – Sandy

The donation program with Mel was the best thing that I could have done. - Rachel

The donation program with Mel was the best thing that I could have done. She is a warm and caring person that always made me think and feel to my potential. I have been dealing with some issues and I believe it is only because of her. I hear her voice and can imagine what she would say to help me move forward. And to you I can’t thank you enough for accepting me in your donation program. You made everything possible. The only repayment that I have is exceptionally high praises of your company to anyone that will listen. Thank you again for the opportunity. – Rachel

Ewan is very easy to talk to and gave me several different options to choose from when giving me homework. - Rita

I am very grateful for the sessions I had with Ewan. He is very easy to talk to and gave me several different options to choose from when giving me homework. He gave me different perspectives on things I otherwise wouldn’t have thought of or considered. I am currently still unemployed and in the process of moving, because of my financial situation I can’t afford to live in Winnipeg. I do miss talking to Ewan, he is a very kind, helpful, understanding person. Any friend of his is Super lucky to have him. I am finally getting a place of my own and I’m hoping that’s enough therapy for me. Thank you so much, the convenience of being able to do this online was a big plus. – Rita

Jake had made such an impact on me, that I couldn't wait to tell you how much I appreciated him! - Joanna

Jake had made such an impact on me, that I couldn’t wait to tell you how much I appreciated him! (He deserves to be recognized and commended!)

Another area that demonstrates how obviously positive and beneficial his services were to me can be seen in the difference he’s visibly made in me!

There’s no question that I walk around an ‘improved’ person thanks to the help and tools he’s provided me with in the last 10 weeks.

And the best part of it, was HOW he did it.

Every session, it felt like I was just ‘having a conversation’ with a person who cared and genuinely wanted to help me to help myself.
Our dialogues were free flowing and he made me feel so comfortable, supported and ‘heard’ that every single one of our hour-long sessions ended too quickly for me.
The hour would past in the blink of an eye and in every session, regardless of my mood when I came in to the session, I always left it feeling better.
I can also honestly say that as the weeks passed on, I could totally recognize the very obvious changes (improvements) in my mental health.

The first few weeks, I was definitely entering the zoom room chats feeling anxious, sad, depressed, insecure, frustrated, angry, etc – but as the weeks passed on, there was a very obvious shift in my emotional/mental state.
I found with each week; I would be looking forward to my chats with Jake (rather than ‘dreading’ having the appointment).
And there were even times within the 10weeks where I’d had a couple of consecutively really bad days, but then made myself feel better by saying to myself “well, just get through this, cuz in a couple days, I’m going to get to talk to Jake about it and it will all feel better then”
He really helped me to sort through my emotions and made it feel safe to do so.

I could go on and on,  but I think you get the gist – HE IS AWESOME – Joanna

I learned how to have empathy - John

I did therapy/counseling with Amanda Poitras from March 2012-March2013. The work I did with Amanda was absolutely amazing and helpful. The tools she had taught me had worked in so many ways. I was always an angry man with troubles in talking and explaining myself as well as major self esteem issues. Amanda had helped me open my eyes and become a guy I have wanted to be for many years.

Some lessons I had learned were to set boundries when applicable. As well as being able to have constructable conversations and be able to keep calm without getting angry and actually listen and learned how to reverberate back to a person. I had also learned how to have empathy when I have never been able to do or use..

As far as having anything criticism I do not have any issues with Amanda as she is an amazing counselor and is very good at her job.

Amanda is a very professional counselor and know how to make a person very comfortable in any situation a person may be in. So for that I would recommend Amanda and her services to anybody I know. – John

A safe place for me to explore my thoughts and feelings - Mary

My experience with Amanda has been very useful. Due to personal issues, I felt the need to seek out her help in dealing with them. Amanda has been patient, encouraging, and a strength and as we have delved back into my past and childhood, her office and her presence have been a safe place for me to explore my thoughts and feelings. She provides a completely non-judgmental atmosphere and unfailing kindness and compassion. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a safe place to explore and grow.

– M.S.

Amanda challenged me to push my limits, while encouraging me to celebrate - Sandra

I have been fortunate to work with Amanda as a colleague as well as to have her as my personal trainer.

As a colleague I admire her direct approach in supporting her clients to explore their own reality. She does not allow others to hide behind pretense nor dismiss personal accountability. What is more, she holds herself to the same standard that she expects of others.

As a personal trainer I found her to be both encouraging and challenging of my fitness goals. She challenged me to push my limits, while encouraging me to celebrate, and not lose sight of, my achievements and successes. I highly recommend Amanda and all the services she offers through Strength Counselling.

Thank you for helping me reach my full potential and continuing to help me do so - Bethany

I was lucky enough to stumble upon Amanda’s business card at a local coffee shop and at the time picked it up for my partner. This very simple action changed my life forever. My partner is a very skeptical person, and as such was very skeptical of the entire counselling process. He was worried that Amanda would be phoney and he would see right through her, and thus, counselling would be ineffective for him. Nonetheless, he started to see her and found her approach and philosophy extremely effective, enlightening, and more helpful than he would have ever imagined. I watched him transform before my eyes and I know he wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this without her. As our relationship was quite rocky during this time, we decided to utilize Amanda’s couples counselling. I believe that had we not seen Amanda for our relationship issues we very well might have been doomed. Amanda was always extremely transparent, but supportive, throughout this delicate process. She did not make any false claims to keep us together, but made it clear that she would help us through whichever decisions we came to as the process unfolded. After a few sessions together with my partner, I decided that I should attend counselling to begin to work through some of my own issues. I continued couples counselling and individual therapy for a few months, until our relationship issues were resolved and our relationship was stronger than ever before. After that, I continued my own individual therapy and still continue to this day.

Seeing Amanda in person felt like an absolute treat. Her presence is astounding and her ability to make you feel at ease is wonderful. I was worried when she moved away that this would effect our counselling relationship (or that I would have to find another counsellor that would measure up — fat chance!), however; she decided to take on Skype clients and I snapped up the opportunity right away. I do not feel that any of Amanda’s presence has been lost over the internet; however, I am from a generation that is also used to communicating with people online. I actually find Skype counselling more convenient because I can sit down in my own home to do it and it fits around my busy schedule. Sometimes Skype can have connection issues, but when that happens we often will use FaceTime on our iPhones/laptop. Payment through e-mail transfer is extremely convenient and secure and I have never had any issues with that.

The best parts about therapy with Amanda are probably her amazing presence, her ability to call me out when I’m not being honest with myself or her, and her philosophy. I feel like it is rare to find a counsellor with such an honest, open, and nonjudgemental philosophy, in not just Southern Alberta, but in the world at large. The thought of not picking up that business card that fateful day in the coffee shop is quite scary to me and I’m not sure where I would be if I hadn’t. Amanda has helped me overcome disordered eating issues, body issues, physical health issues, relationship issues, confidence issues, depression, career path choices, current work issues and many, many more!! She has helped me work through trauma that I didn’t even realize was affecting me now and would continue to affect me negatively throughout my life. Amanda has an extremely effective holistic approach to counselling, such that, no part of your life is ever left out or deemed unimportant. She is extremely flexible with appointments, scheduling, and payments depending upon your financial situation. After I see her I feel renewed, and filled up with hope and life. Amanda is a breath of fresh air and I am so happy to have her to help me sort through the sometimes messy, chaotic, or tediousness that is my life and mind. I will always recommend Amanda as the number one counsellor to see if you are having any issues in your life or just need someone to talk to.

Strength Counselling Services is just that: Building you up honestly and effectively to deal with anything from trauma to the every day, mundane situations in your life. Strength Counselling Services and Amanda has changed my life for the better and I will never look back. Thank you Amanda for making me reach my full potential and continuing to help me do so.

I am free to express myself and my all of my feelings - Samuel

My experience counselling with Amanda was excellent. She was fair but firm. She allowed me to feel like I was in an Open and inviting environment, free to express myself and my all of my feelings. She guided me through a tough time and I am Grateful for her assistance, as I am not sure what I would have done or I would have felt without her expertise. I have already recommended her to others and will continue to do so. Thank you Amanda!

Words can't explain my amazing journey - Sally

I called Amanda looking for marital help and not only did she help my husband and I revive our marriage she helped me realize I was not healthy. I am not sure words can explain my amazing journey I had and all the strategies she gave me to help me overcome the many obstacles I will face in my life. Amanda helped me realize that this is something that will never go away but can be managed. She opened my eyes to realize that I need to be happy with who I am and how I look. This is me and nobody is made the same or expected to look the same. I walked into her office and I thought that if I couldn’t buy an article of clothing in a certain size I couldn’t buy it, as well as if I couldn’t see a certain number on the scale I was mad and reverted to bad habits. I have gained so much confidence and strategies that Amanda has helped me learn.

I also trained with Amanda and she help me gain the confidence to walk into the gym, workout and not worry what other people will think of me. The training helped me to be able to develop my own workout routines and train on my own which I do as an enjoyment and not a job anymore. I can’t thank her enough for what she has helped me and my family overcome.

I felt safe and comfortable - Catherine

As a personal trainer, I found Amanda to be both extremely knowledgeable of how the human body functions through both exercise and nutrition. I felt safe and comfortable with someone who actually knew what they were doing! Amanda was also a very highly energetic motivator. During our personal training sessions, she pushed me as far as I could go to make the most out of every work out!! She helped me create a healthy food intake plan that would optimize the changes I was striving for. I would recommend her to anyone who truly wants to make a difference in their health!

I feel stronger, more confident, and happier than I ever have in my entire life - Sarah

I’ve been working with Amanda from strength counseling for about 9 months now and I’m extremely happy with her methods and the progress I’ve made in this time. I’ve seen counselors in the past but I didn’t feel like the sessions were really effective and they left a sour taste in my mouth about counseling in general. I was referred to Strength Counseling by a friend who was seeking help for similar things I wanted help managing (family relationships, assertiveness training, and my eating disorder). I reached out to Amanda and we began my sessions just days after my initial intake. I was nervous at first because I was worried that my experience would be similar to my previous counseling experiences where we just surface combed. But that wasn’t the case at all. Amanda was very welcoming. She made me feel safe and comfortable during my sessions and I never sensed any kind of judgement from her, regardless of the topic. We looked deep into my life to find the root cause of the things I was struggling with today and it was an amazing feeling to have so many epiphanies and “Ah Ha” moments. Amanda is helping me find the missing pieces to my puzzle and the work I’ve done with her has undoubtedly changed my life for the good.

I also moved cities within the time I’ve been working with Amanda and I was so relieved that she offered Skype sessions so I could continue on with her and not have to look for a new counselor. The sessions are great because I can schedule them for after work and in the comfort of my own home. The sessions work well and I hardly ever have connection problems.

Overall, I’m extremely happy with the progress I’ve made since I’ve been working with Amanda and would recommend her services to anyone looking for support in any aspect of their life. The sessions are not always easy but they are definitely worth it. I feel stronger, more confident and happier than I ever have in my entire life and I know it’s largely because of the work Amanda has done with me.
Thank you so much, Amanda!

I finally felt supported, loved, and heard - Lisa

Amanda at Strength Counselling has provided me with various tools to enhance my talents in many aspects of my life! When I first began counselling, I felt alone and insecure; as though my ego has fully taken over myself. However, after using the many innovative outlets that Strength Counselling has taught me, I was able to begin to see my true self and connect with my light, positive energy. I truly appreciate how Amanda was able to allow my innate abilities to become part of our therapy. I am an artist by nature, and so Amanda had incorporated many imaginative, colorful, productive and creative outlets to our sessions. I honestly feel that she creates a plan that is authentically and genuinely individualized to suit MY specific, unique needs. Amanda has always been there as support, whether in person, on the phone, through text message or on Skype! I was hesitant about the “Skype sessions” at first…. but the way Amanda not only listened, but HEARD my concerns regarding Skype, she was able to comfort me and help me understand that Skype might seem to be an unconventional form of counselling but, could have the same outcomes as if she and I were sitting in the same room. Throughout my sessions, I have had many successful moments that felt so organically grown from my own strength; A strength that has always resided within myself but, that finally felt supported, loved and heard by a gifted counsellor who had allowed my pure and whole self to shine! I would highly encourage anyone seeking support to contact Strength Counselling for emotional and physical health and balance.

Lisa Van Osch

I am forever grateful for my friend being persistent in offering me a session with my now counsellor, it has changed my life - Sara

I came across this article the other day and thought I would share my own experience with counselling.

I remember the day when my good friend came into my office and recommended an old friend of hers who did online counselling and specialized in addiction. I gracefully denied her offer numerous times, I saw a few other Counsellor’s but couldn’t find the right fit for me. I needed someone who would allow me to swear, not bring religion into my sessions and someone who could push me. I needed someone unconventional.

I finally accepted her offer to see her friend, I remember the first call I had with her. I remember where I was, I paced in my sisters basement telling her how desperate I was to save the love of my life from addiction. She listened intently, she had empathy and she let me swear, in fact she swore just as much. My journey with my counsellor has been long and extremely painful, but she saved me. She was always patient with me, and helped me make progress, (which was very gradual). So gradual I didn’t notice it, until she would point it out to me. She was there for it all….

Three years into my relationship with my best friend, the person I knew 27 years, the person who I will forever love was still struggling to survive addiction. His demons were making me sick and I was pushed to my limits so many times, until one day I knew I couldn’t survive this much longer. I threw my hands in the air one day and begged my counsellor to help me, I promised I would do whatever it took. There were days I hated her, I yelled at her and called her stupid. But I took what she taught me and dug so deep, a fight I would never wish upon my worst enemy and I survived. I survived because I trusted her and I trusted the process.

The worst thing she ever said to me were words I will never forget… “ Sara, you can’t save him. If he continues on this path he will likely die within a year”. After 7 months of working hard on my own recovery, I received the worst possible news. The phone call still haunts me to this day. My heart sank, and I can’t even begin to explain what happened after that. The love of my life lost his battle against addiction. And please believe me when I say, he fought with every inch of his soul to recover. Now I was faced with extreme grief, I have never felt grief like this before. I was 100% certain I was going to die, the pain took my breath away, I had to fight to breath. How could he leave me??? My counsellor told me over and over to ride the waves and feel the pain. You fucking ride those waves and feel this.. I told her I couldn’t do this, I was going to die. But I showed up every week for my session with her, and she listened as I cried and tried to process what had just happened. My Counsellor has saved my life more than once, she believed in me. I am grateful for her. And as I mentioned before, my process has been gradual, I have had many ups and downs, but I have made progress. She made me look at my life, my choices, and pushed me to my limits sometimes. I trusted her, I trusted that she knew me well enough to know what I needed. I am not easy to deal with, I fight back, I go against her recommendations all the fucking time, but she is always there to support me when I crash and burn and need her help. She holds me accountable for my actions and the choices I make. I never thought I would be so grateful for a counsellor.
People are so quick to judge how others seek help. How I choose to take care of myself is up to me, and for those of you that need help, please don’t ever feel bad or that there is something wrong with you. I know there is so much stigma attached to taking care of your mental health, but I will tell you from someone who suffered for years with mental health issues, I am forever grateful for my friend being persistent in offering me a session with my now counsellor, it has changed my life. ♥️


I want to thank you & all the counsellor who have facilitated these meetings; they have been so helpful for me- Meg

I want to thank you & all the counsellor who have facilitated these meetings; they have been so helpful for me. In the beginning when I was fresh out of Cedars and feeling lost, it provided a way for me to reconnect with some of the people I went to treatment with & meet some new faces as well. As time went on, it became a place for me to share some struggles and some triumphs and to be an example of what can happen in recovery, if you give it time.
I am so grateful to you, your team & everyone at Cedars for all of your help.

I am forever grateful for the team and especially Amanda - Wendy

I am forever grateful for the team and especially Amanda. I went through a lot of emotions but I actually could work through them as opposed to being numb to them. I am coming up to three years sober I have not had a drink since I left Cedars. One of the best takeaways was “I am enough!”  Life isn’t always easy but it’s a whole lot easier getting through it sober! – Wendy