Our Approach

“We believe the best way to achieve lasting positive change is to foster trust with our clients through building relationships guided by empathy, connection, and integrity. We know what transformation feels like, because we have done (and will continue to do) our own healing.” – Amanda Dewar, Strength Counselling Executive Director

What Sets Us Apart?

We are transparent.
We offer a mirroring of humanness. Not only will we know you, but you will know us.

We are focused on removing barriers.
Whether there is limited financial resources, a client lives in a remote location, or has a limited support network, we believe that no one should be denied access to supportive resources and we will do whatever we can to remove these barriers for our clients.

We give back.
We have created a comprehensive donation program that includes scholarships for services and donating annually to a non-profit of our choice.

We provide extensive and comprehensive training for all of our staff.
Every member of our team participates in a 10 week rigorous training program to ensure we are providing the highest level of care to our clients.

We believe in a creating a collaborative and team oriented environment.
Our clients see a therapist individually who is supervised by the team lead. When we know better – we do better!

Help doesn’t end when the session does.
We offer text support in between sessions and will get back to you within 24 hours. We care about you beyond your appointment.

Our therapeutic approach is researched based with proven results.
We have collated information from over a decade of experience and we apply this to support the process. We will continue to grow and measure our modalities through qualitative research practices.

We aren’t just one person.
We have an entire team of actualizers! We take great care when choosing the best therapeutic alliance for our clients and we match individuals with a therapist that is the best fit – always.

We provide state of the art therapy and are a leader in the field of online counselling in Canada.
We are driven by authenticity, integrity, and empathy. We have combined modern technology with our extensive professional experience and our own healing journey – to create an unparalleled online therapeutic environment.