Therapeutic Process

We have created a map of human healing.

We know that the process of healing is cyclical, and we consider the needs of each individual. We provide a safe container that allows room for growth and freedom of expression for our clients. This structured and responsive environment is integral to the unique process of healing for every individual.

Utilizing the integrated map of human healing we navigate our clients through the five pillars of strength.

crisis and survival therapy

Crisis & Survival

First, our goal is to move you from surviving to thriving. During this stage we give you the support you need to begin your journey to wholeness and often do so through collaboration with partnering practitioners and agencies.

We understand the courage and strength it takes to seek help. We also know that healing cannot happen in isolation. If you are currently experiencing a sense of helplessness, are struggling to find housing, are feeling isolated and unable to engage in activities of daily living, don’t have sense of self, have family members who are very worried about your well being, or you have given up hope – there is help. We will conduct an assessment with you to ensure you are receiving the level of support you need to move out of crisis. We have built a therapeutic alliance with many professionals including: physicians, addiction treatment centres, and specialists in the event that you require support beyond online counselling.

balance therapy


Once crisis is averted in your life, we begin to focus on attaining a sense of balance. Improving quality of life is essential to the healing process and in this stage our clients experience personal transformation and take action to pursue a life of their dreams.

Life is worth living – to the fullest! This stage is for those who want to take action and remove what is no longer serving them. We invite our clients to build upon their motivation, openness, and willingness to move into a greater sense of self and stability. This stage is for those who are emotionally and physically stable. Perhaps you need to gain greater awareness around addictive behaviours, want to explore self-care activities, or need help transitioning in your career. This stage is all about improving your quality of life. We help our clients gain access to internal and external resources to move from surviving to thriving.

process of interpersonal therapy


Designed to create a deeper connection with self and others, in stage three we focus on healthy communication and building relationships.

This stage of development is essential for creating lasting, authentic connections in the world. Together we will take a deep look at your relationship with others. How do you communicate? Do you know how to improve your relationships? Do your relationships help or hinder your quality of life? Through self-inquiry and reflection we can come to a greater understanding of self to improve relationship with others. This interpersonal stage is where we are able to really realize our true potential with self and others.

process of trauma therapy


The impact of trauma can cause us to engage in maladaptive coping behaviours in our adult life. Through the process of recovery and renegotiating these experiences, our clients can understand themselves, their stories, those who have impacted them, and gain healing through their pain.

We help our clients to renegotiate the impact of trauma by taking points from history and helping them to understand why they behave the way they do as an adult. Reviewing some maladaptive coping tools, we work through these trauma points with our clients to close these trauma loops to create new possibilities. Through this process we have the potential to move from reacting to responding. This stage is not about re-traumatizing with the stories. Instead we utilize body awareness and embodiment practices, along with therapeutic practitioners such as somatic therapists, and EMDR specialists to help this reprocessing of trauma towards a deeper knowing and understanding self and of the world.

integration therapy


Utilizing Transpersonal psychotherapy in this final stage, self perpetuated barriers are removed. Clients have the potential to uncover truth within, access freedom, realize unconditional acceptance, and experience transcendence.

It is here we ask the question – “who are we, really?” Through the process of integration we help our clients gain higher levels of self-awareness and consciousness. Are you aligned with your values? Are you being who you want to be in the world? Do you operate without fear? We can’t truly know the answers unless we have done the work and looked at ourselves. Together we will explore your individual spirituality on a deeper level.