Video Resources

Health Hangouts with Amanda – The purpose of these interviews is to spread hope, joy and love during the COVID-19 pandemic. Amanda interviews colleagues, as well as friends, people we admire and anyone who was willing to share how they are coping, surviving and even thriving in isolation. Amanda plans to do an interview every day for as long as we are in government mandated isolation. 

The very first one is with our very own team member and counsellor Melanie Devine

Amanda and Melanie discussed the struggles of parenting within this crisis and the value that comes from now having the ability to rewrite the next “chapter”.

An awesome interview with our fitness consultant and nutritionist, Samantha Waagenaar is joining Amanda today.⠀⠀

Sam is talking about how she feels about gym closures being in the fitness industry and how it has hit her hard, family, grieving, acceptance, getting into a new routine and a new normal, the value of connecting digitally , fear of change and personal growth, exercise and nutrition.

This interview is with Kevin Kozakewich from Winnipeg, Kevin and Amanda were connected through a mutual friend. Kevin is a physical branding expert and works at a branding agency called Northern Exhibits ( Kevin works with 35,000 suppliers with all their physical branding needs. Kevin discusses business increase during the pandemic.

Entrepreneurship and solving problems. How productive it is to start a new business or restructure your business online. Kevin discusses his experiences learning new skills, video game development, app development and how that all lead to physical branding. Learning how to start a digital business. Exercising, checking in with friends and family and eating healthy will help us get through this time.