Our Services

Individual E-Counselling

This accessible and comfortable counselling service is offered through confidential, online, video conferencing. We welcome you to visit the feedback section of the website where some previous and current clients address their experiences with e-counselling.

This service may be helpful for those who:

  • Wish to remain in their own homes while addressing their concerns
  • health & safety concerns
  • Live in a remote area
  • Work in an area where counselling services are not available
  • Travel frequently
  • Struggle with social anxiety
  • Suffer from physical or mental health issues that prevent them from leaving home
  • Are burdened by commuting to see a counsellor
  • Convenience of time
  • Find securing childcare as a barrier to receive services

Co-Dependency Recovery

Co-Dependency Recovery is designed for individuals who have been impacted by a loved one’s addiction. At Strength we understand that addiction is a family disease. Family members are encouraged to seek support for their own recovery and healing. Cost effective groups are facilitated in varying degrees of regularity including weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly. Meeting dates and times are emailed in advance for scheduling convenience. This service is offered through an online interface that provides a secure, password protected space. Family services are facilitated by a number of clinically trained clinicians and social workers who specialize in addiction recovery and codependency.

Couples & Family Therapy

Couples & Family Therapy is offered at Strength to help you have and maintain healthier relationships. Whether due to external circumstances such as societal expectations and norms, a limited number of candidates that suit your style, limited availability or internal barriers such as low self-confidence, little knowledge of dating norms, or fear of rejection, the solution can be found through relationship consultation. We will help you learn how to become effective in your pursuit of a partner and successful in the maintenance of the relationship you want

Life Coaching

These sessions focus on specific life issues that you would like to address. Build confidence, find a career that you love, get clear on goals, better relationships, create a more meaningful life. The sessions are half the time and cost of traditional counselling sessions, if you meet the criteria for life coaching, this can be an amazing thing to benefit from.