Breath Control Therapy 

The way we breathe is the way we feel and how we perform. The way we breathe is the way we live!”

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Hello! I’m Tyler

Founder of Breath Control Therapy

Tyler Huston is a First Responder Paramedic, Addictions Nurse, Certified Occupationally Aware Clinician and Founder of Breath Control Therapy. Tyler has spent years working with clients and patients from all walks of life in community, private and hospital settings as well as at several of Canada’s premier Addiction Rehabilitation Treatment Centers.

The Breath Control Therapy (BCT) program offers non-pharmacological, evidence based solutions validated by scientific research. BCT is an approved therapy methodology by the British Columbia College of Nursing Professionals (BCCNP).

BCT can be effectively facilitated via secure online telehealth platform.

Clients are screened and assessed for dysfunctional breathing patterns such as Hyperventilation Syndrome (HVS).

Breathing disorders are common in today’s society due to a number of contributing factors from anxiety, diet, chronic stress, past trauma, physical injury, screen time, asthma, addiction and other mental health disorders.  Signs and symptoms can manifest and present as both physical and psychological conditions.

Tyler works with the client through specific breathing techniques and exercises to retrain the breathing pattern to alter the biochemistry of the blood in order to alleviate symptoms caused by various dysfunctional breathing disorders.

Through specific exercises and techniques, a link can be created between body and mind as a proactive measure to strengthen resilience, control stress, increase energy, increase physical and mental performance, alleviate pain, regulate emotions, improve overall health and enhance happiness.

Tyler’s Approach & Values

The Breath Control Therapy methodology is a resiliency-based program built upon four main pillars:

  • Biochemistry and composition of the blood
  • Biomechanics of ventilation and functional breathing patterns
  • Somatic / Psychophysiological link
  • Positive psychology, concentration and motivational techniques

Tyler’s Experience


Tyler has spent many years working in many departments around the hospital including orthopedics, surgical and emergency.

Has worked in the field of addiction for nearly a decade as a community support worker, addictions nurse and Breath Control Therapist at several of North Americas premier addiction rehabilitation treatment centers.

Worked directly with military and emergency responder personnel (police, firefighters, paramedics, corrections officers) to develop and deliver Occupationally Aware therapy.

Serves as a first responder in the community providing first aid and life support services.


Tyler’s Education

Addictions Nurse / Licensed Practical Nurse

EMR First Responder

Certified Occupationally Aware Clinician

Oxygen Advantage Instructor

Breatheology Instructor

“I was having a VERY stressful and emotionally exhausting day – but after Breath Control Therapy I felt a HUGE sense of release and calm. I utilize the exercises everyday and this program has changed my life (in regards to my depression and anxiety) I feel a sense of calm and peace within my body which then spreads to a peaceful mindset. I have been sleeping better without waking in the night and I can calm myself down in stressful situations.”

– Chynna

“I have already had some benefits from Breath Control. I am sleeping better and my anxiety has lowered considerably. I feel less depressed and more in control of my emotions. I look forward to increasing these positive changes and plan on practicing theses exercises regularly. THANKS TYLER.”

– Lorna

“This program I found eye opening to how much just breathing can change my mood and how I felt better after using the breathing techniques learned here. I will continue to use what I have learned and hope to learn more on Breath Control Therapy in the future.”

– Shawn

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