Throughout our lives we all face challenges that affect our mental health. How we cope with those challenges can vary from person to person. Some may seek the comfort of their loved ones, solitude in the great outdoors, or take up a hobby to help improve their mental health. Many also seek the assistance of a trained therapist or counsellor. Due to technological advances, seeking professional assistance has never been easier. Online counselling is becoming more popular for individuals as it alleviates common barriers individuals face in seeking support (e.g., location, scheduling, childcare, and lengthy wait times). In this blog we discuss the power of counselling, going digital, and the direct benefits of seeking online counselling.


Seeking a professional counsellor can greatly benefit your mental health. An individual who has been trained to assist you with your life experiences (e.g., trauma, personality disorders, mental health disorders, addiction, and spiritual emergencies to name a few) can help you navigate through relationships, upcoming events, and the anxiety of day-to-day activities more smoothly. Many individuals seek help so that they may cope with dysfunction (new or old) in their lives, and there is no shame in doing so. However, finding the right therapist or counsellor can be a challenge if you are constrained by time, location, or a busy schedule. Now, with the aid of technology, these constraints can fall away as you seek help from a counsellor online.


With the emergence of many new technologies, seeking professional help through online communication is becoming easier. Yes, it is true that this type of service is becoming more accessible… but what are the perks?

Here are a number of benefits to taking your counselling sessions to a digital platform:

1. Privacy

By engaging in online counselling, you access the added benefit of additional privacy. For example, only you and your counsellor know that you are in your session and your attendance remains in confidence between you and your counsellor. Individuals may be nervous to venture out to a specific location and be seen seeking counselling, but by using online therapy they can seek assistance from the comfort of their home. In addition, some individuals feel they have the most privacy at home and, as such, may be more open to authentically sharing about their mental health with their online counsellor.

2. Accessibility

Online counselling allows individuals to speak to their counsellor from home. This is a major benefit for individuals who experience mobility issues, chronic pain, social anxiety, etc. For individuals experiencing major traumas, seeking assistance with their mental health is extremely important. Leaving the confines of their safe space can be a major challenge that they are just not ready for – and that’s ok! By allowing these individuals to use their computer or phone to attend sessions, they can seek assistance in the space they are most comfortable in. Living in a remote area can also be a challenge for those seeking help. If you live far from town or in a small town with limited resources, driving or finding transportation to the city for your sessions may limit your desire to seek assistance.

3. Convenience

Busy with work, school, or family? Online therapy gives you the freedom to schedule when is most convenient for you. Counsellors work directly with your schedule to ensure you are able to seek the help you need when you need it the most. For those who live in areas where counselling is not available, online assistance eliminates the need to travel to another city for your sessions. If you travel frequently for work, you can still schedule the sessions you need from anywhere in the world!

4. Various Communication Tools

There are also many ways to connect with your online counsellor. By using different applications through cellphone, computer, or tablet, your counsellor can work with the type of technology that you are most comfortable with and that is easiest for you to obtain.

5. Affordability

Affordability is a major challenge for many people seeking professional help. With online counselling you have the flexibility to choose how often you want to meet with your counsellor. Whether your sessions are once a week, or multiple times a week, your online counsellor can suggest a schedule that works best with your budget. For those who have small children and need to arrange for a babysitter or daycare in order to attend sessions, online counselling eliminates the need to pay for additional childcare – saving you both time and money.

6. Safety

Over the last few months as a society we have had to learn to keep our distance. In order to keep each other safe from the current pandemic, we have all been asked to self-isolate. Due to COVID-19, many individuals cannot see their counsellors in person or are uncomfortable wearing a mask in their counselling sessions. Online counselling allows individuals to continue to seek the support they need, while also alleviating anxieties, difficulties, and concerns related to the pandemic.

Seeking professional counselling can be a challenge, and with the added issues of time, budget, distance, and location, finding the right counsellor can seem like an impossible task. With the introduction of online counselling, many of these traditional constraints are eliminated. If you are interested in seeking online counselling, or have questions regarding our processes, please contact us HERE.