With the expansion of modern technologies, an increasing number of people have been seeing the benefits of online counselling. Some of the evident benefits of e-counselling for many people include the convenience, the range of choices and services provided, and the cost of the services.

Seeking help requires strength and courage. Many people feel more comfortable opening up during the online counseling session than in a face-to-face contact with a therapist.

Online counselling today provides a number of holistic healing options. Through a client-therapist relationship built on empathy, integrity and a positive connection, online counselling can help clients overcome a number of concerns.

Some of the challenges people usually seek e-counselling for include anxiety, depression, addictions, abuse, martial or/and family dissonance, eating disorders, trauma rehabilitation, gender identity, LGBTQ challenges, and other mental health issues. Online counselling can help overcome the crisis and regain balance in mental, emotional, and physical health.

What are the Major Benefits of Online Counselling?

  1. Accessibility

For many people, the accessibility of online counselling can help ease anxiety one may experience during an in office counselling session. It is a simple and comfortable process for clients to log in to a secured online platform such as Zoom that they may access from the comfort of their own home.

  1. Scheduling Flexibility

If you miss your therapy session for a reason that is beyond your control, such as a traffic jam or a car accident on the highway, there is likely still a cost for this missed appointment. Similarly, your therapist’s office hours may interfere with your work hours, so it feels almost impossible to schedule timely appointments. Also, unavailable child-care, long working hours and after-work errands may push your decision to seek mental health counselling further with each day.

For people who experience any of the above, e-counselling may seem like a reasonable option. Online therapy is flexible – it can be managed from your home or office at any time you find convenient, as many online counsellors are available outside of traditional Monday through Friday working hours.

  1. A Greater Choice of Therapists and Ongoing Support

Online counselling doesn’t restrict you to your geographical area. You can choose from licensed and registered therapists all across your province, country or even internationally. Furthermore, e-counselling enables you to find a therapist who fits your needs and has expertise on your particular issue. No counsellor is an expert on every problem, so finding the right one is very important.

In addition, continual support from the therapist is one of the major advantages of online counselling. E-counselling allows you to text or chat with your therapist whenever you need support. This is, for example, a huge benefit for people who need frequent care while coping with the symptoms of severe anxiety or depression.

  1. Geographical Distance

For people living in remote, rural areas, obtaining professional mental health help through office-based therapy can be difficult as a counsellor may not be reachable within a close geographical distance. For these people, e-counselling is a highly beneficial option.

  1. Anonymity

Even though a client-therapist relationship is considered a highly confidential one, some people may not be comfortable examining their feelings, thoughts, and behaviours in face-to-face interaction. Online counselling provides anonymity and convenience. When it comes to expressing your feelings and thoughts, you can write, talk, send text messages or communicate in real time with your counsellor.

There are many benefits of online counselling. E-counselling is a time-saving, convenient and accessible form of therapy. It is the therapy within reach from your computer or smartphone at any given time. With our daily life becoming more and more digital, and due to the convenience and availability of online therapy, it can be expected that more people in need will use it on regular basis in near future.

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