Install a Relaxation Anchor



In this recording, you will install what is called a “relaxation anchor.” This is an easy and accessible tool that is great for anxiety, nervous system overactivation or sensitization, and general relaxation. It provides and installs what is called an “anchor” that can then be used during waking consciousness to recall deep feelings of calm and relaxation. During the recording you will be prompted to press your left thumb and index fingers together, we want you to physically do this when you are prompted. Then as you go about your day, whenever you need, complete that action of pressing the fingers together and enjoy the relaxation and calm that washes over you. The more times you listen to and complete the recording, the stronger your anchor will become.

Note: This recording utilizes an elevator induction (i.e., a fancy way of referring to the method and countdown used to bring you from your waking beta brainwave state into slow alpha/theta brainwave states). If you have a fear or phobia of elevators you may request a custom recording with a different induction by emailing brittany@strengthcounselling.ca

28 minutes in length

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