Connecting and Anchoring into Your Divine Feminine



Living in a culture that is vastly patriarchal and rewarding of many masculine energy traits can leave us disconnected from our divine feminine energy. All humans beings have both divine masculine and divine feminine energy within them and available to them. Your divine feminine energy is heart centered, flowing, gentle, supportive, receptive, intuitive, and magnetic. Have you been struggling to access and connect to and utilize your divine feminine energy in our fast paced masculine culture, or perhaps you wish to connect on command whenever you need to call upon that energy? If so, this recording is for you!

In this recording, you will be guided to connect to and experience your own divine feminine energy. You will then install an anchor that connects you to this aspect of yourself. This anchor can be used during waking consciousness to instantly connect you to your divine feminine energy and her aspects and gifts. During the recording you will be prompted to press your thumb and index fingers together, we want you to physically do this when you are prompted. You can choose which hand to use, but please note that if you have already used the relaxation anchor recording you should use the opposite hand or a different finger paired with your thumb for this new anchor. Then as you go about your day, whenever you need, complete that action of pressing the fingers together and enjoy tapping into your divine feminine energy. The more times you listen to and complete the recording, the stronger your anchor will become.

Note: This recording utilizes a peaceful, forest path induction (i.e., a fancy way of referring to the method and countdown used to bring you from your waking beta brainwave state into slow alpha/theta brainwave states).

28 minutes in length

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