Overcome Avoidance, Procrastination, and Obstacles



This recording is for you if you struggle to take the necessary steps to initiate and complete tasks and projects (even healing work!), and if you tend to become frozen, stuck, or overwhelmed when you encounter obstacles. In this recording, you will embark on a journey that allows you to experience overcoming obstacles in such a way that reprograms the avoidance and procrastination issues. You will be offered special suggestions that increase your motivation, and allow you to initiate action and complete tasks. You will experience renewed connection to your confidence in your abilities that allows you to continue moving forward on your path.

Note: This recording utilizes a peaceful, forest path induction (i.e., a fancy way of referring to the method and countdown used to bring you from your waking beta brainwave state into slow alpha/theta brainwave states).

20 minutes in length

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