Create Your Own Hypnotherapy Recording



Have a specific issue you’d like to work more deeply with?
Hypnotherapy recordings work best when personalized to you SPECIFICALLY!
Customize a personal recording for travel or other anxieties, specific habit release, specific eating issues, healing, and much more. The opportunities with hypnotherapy are practically endless.

With this option you have the ability to choose your induction (i.e., how you will be moved into the hypnotized state) and personalize your recording with tailored statements geared towards your specific issue. This price includes a 15-20 minute consultation call to collect the information needed to create your recording.
The price will vary depending upon the length of the recording and will be discussed with you during the consultation process. The recording cost itself is added to the creation cost (please budget $107-137 depending upon length and labor; a $57 deposit will be required and subtracted from your completed cost).

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