Meeting Your Divine Feminine



All humans beings have both divine masculine and divine feminine energy within them and available to them. Have you been struggling to access and connect to your divine feminine energy? Your divine feminine energy is heart centered, flowing, gentle, supportive, receptive, intuitive, and magnetic. Do you want to meet her in form and get to know her more deeply? If so, this recording is for you! Living in a culture that is vastly patriarchal and rewarding of many masculine energy traits can leave us disconnected from our divine feminine energy. In this recording you will be guided to connect with your own divine feminine energy in a beautiful old growth forest. She will take form where you can then interact with her and ask her questions – getting to know her more deeply. The more you utilize this recording and visit her, the deeper your connection and relationship with her will become. Where will your divine feminine energy take you? Let’s find out!

Note: This recording utilizes a peaceful, forest path induction (i.e., a fancy way of referring to the method and countdown used to bring you from your waking beta brainwave state into slow alpha/theta brainwave states).

30 minutes in length

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