Positive Parenting Group (10 Sessions)



This (10) week positive parenting group offers a safe and supportive space for all parents of children ages 5-17 to learn new skills and feel more confident in daily interactions with their children.

In this group, parents will learn how to communicate effectively with their children, manage big emotions and challenging behaviours, positive discipline strategies, self-care & stress management strategies and much more. Parents can ask questions and receive support and advice with real-life parenting challenges.

Week 1 – Intro session: meet and icebreaker exercise (introductions, how many children, ages, how would you describe your parenting style? what are you hoping to gain from being here?) (Gloria)
Week 2 – Mindful/ Positive communication (how to talk so children will listen) (Brittany)
Week 3 – Stress and Anger management (Gloria)
Week 4 – Focusing on children’s strengths (Brittany)
Week 5 – Parenting in two cultures (Gloria)
Week 6 – Parenting spirited children (Brittany)
Week 7 – Positive discipline (Gloria)
Week 8 – What kids (and parents) need to know about emotions (Brittany)
Week 9 – Self-compassion for positive parenting (Brittany)
Week 10 – Maintaining changes (Gloria)

Start date: October 25th reoccurring each week for 10 weeks. Sessions take place Wednesdays at 1:30pm MST.

Note: Next session date and time to be determined. Group fee is $10 dollars per person, per session, paid in full at time of registration.