Positive Parenting Group Counselling Sessions (10 Sessions)



In this group, parents will learn how to communicate effectively with their children, manage big emotions and challenging behaviours, positive discipline strategies, self-care & stress management strategies and much more. Parents can ask questions and receive support and advice with real-life parenting challenges.

During the ten weeks of group therapy sessions we will explore the following topics:

Week 1 – Intro session: meet and icebreaker exercise (introductions, how many children, ages, how would you describe your parenting style? what are you hoping to gain from being here?) (Gloria)
Week 2 – Mindful/ Positive communication (how to talk so children will listen) (Brittany)
Week 3 – Stress and Anger management (Gloria)
Week 4 – Focusing on children’s strengths (Brittany)
Week 5 – Parenting in two cultures (Gloria)
Week 6 – Parenting spirited children (Brittany)
Week 7 – Positive discipline (Gloria)
Week 8 – What kids (and parents) need to know about emotions (Brittany)
Week 9 – Self-compassion for positive parenting (Brittany)
Week 10 – Maintaining changes (Gloria)

Start date: January 24th 2024 reoccurring each week for 10 weeks. Sessions take place Wednesdays at 12:00pm PST. Sessions will be 1.5 hours each. Group facilitated by Gloria Mhlanga and Brittany Ennis.

Note: Group fee is $10 dollars per person, per session, with a total of $100 paid in full at time of registration.