Overcoming Shame Group Counselling sessions (6 Sessions)



Over six weeks, participants will explore the concept of shame, including healthy shame and toxic shame. We will explore the purpose of healthy shame as a natural human function, and as a power to know personal limits and live in tune with personal values. Topics through the six weeks of the group include understanding and identifying shame and it’s function, learning to recognize toxic shame, and gaining tools in developing healthy shame and externalize toxic shame.

Week 1 – Introductions to group (expectations & rules) & introducing the concept of shame
Week 2 – Exploring the whole self/ identifying shame
Week 3 – Understanding shame as a vital part of being human, functions of healthy shame
Week 4 – Shame as Identity
Week 5 – Developing Healthy Shame and Boundary work
Week 6 – Externalizing Shame

Starting date: November 15th reoccurring each week for 6 weeks. Sessions take place Wednesdays at 3:00pm PST.

Recommended readings: Healing the Shame that Binds You- John Bradshaw

Note: Sessions start on November 15th and reoccur each week for 6 weeks. Sessions take place each Wednesday afternoon at 3:00pm PST. Group fee is $25 dollars per person, per group session, paid in full at time of registration.