Treat Insomnia and Sleep Issues



This recording is for you if you struggle with insomnia or other sleep issues (e.g., an overactive mind while trying to sleep). This recording is used to initiate and reprogram your sleep behaviors allowing you to hone and improve the ability to fall asleep faster, sleep more deeply, and enjoy the wonderful restorative benefits of good sleep. It can be used right before bed to usher you into sleep (there is a prompt to turn off the recording if needed, otherwise you can set it up ahead of time so that your device stops after it plays). You will train yourself to facilitate deep muscle relaxation and be ushered into a restful slumber. There is no concern around not being able to wake up to deal with emergencies or physiological needs arising in the night, as a protective suggestion is included in the recording to allow you to do so.

Note: This recording utilizes an elevator induction (i.e., a fancy way of referring to the method and countdown used to bring you from your waking beta brainwave state into slow alpha/theta brainwave states). If you have a fear or phobia of elevators you may request a custom recording with a different induction by emailing brittany@strengthcounselling.ca

30 minutes in length

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